Committed to Nature

Mother nature is everything to us. That’s why we take the planet and everything that lives on it into account with every step toward the tastiest juice.

Born in the foothills of California

Every step of our journey is designed to make the best quality tropical drinks available everywhere for people to enjoy.


Our story begins way back in 1893. Sunland is a beautiful, sunny, fertile area in Crescenta Valley, California. In this lovely place, the Southern California Fruit Exchange started. A cooperative of independent growers, which later becomes better known as the Sunkist Growers.


By 1905, Southern California Fruit Exchange represented 45% of California citrus growers. It is high time to take a name that represents the entire state. The cooperative is renamed The California Fruit Growers Exchange.


The Sunland Exchange's advertising agency, Lord & Thomas, creates an ad campaign suggesting that people “Drink an Orange.” It’s a novel idea and a huge hit! Suddenly everyone wants to drink orange juice.